Stefan Lubinski

Be More Visible and Valuable In Your Market

I leverage an incredibly diverse 30 year career in sales, media and startups to help startup founders, solopreneurs and 6-figure service providers become more credible, visible and scalable in their industry, market or niche.

My clients include startup founders, Investment bankers, Fortune 100 Executives, consultants and real estate professionals.

content strategy & Production 

Startup Sales & Marketing

professional Speaker & Trainer

This Sound like you? 

You are a legitimate expert in your field but not enough people know that. Your business is not growing at the pace you expected.

You post content on social, but have no idea what you are really doing and it's not growing your audience or your business.

You are overwhelmed with online marketing, and sales strategies and underwhelmed by the results you've made so far. 

You're tired of attending webinars promising an "proven effective" strategy and instead ends up being  an infomercial for their product.

You have spent hundreds if not thousands on courses or "blueprints" that promised to solve your marketing problems and scale your sales.

You are feeling stress and anxiety about being self-employed instead of energized.

  • I've sold for more industries than most people
  • I've trained thousands of people over 20 years
  • I've produced media for tV, Radio and Online
  • I've been a social media trainer and strategist to brands and agencies
  • I am an executive coach to entrepreneurs and fortune 100 executives
  • I don't sell courses, blueprints or any one-size-fits-all solutions
  • I only work with up to 10 clients at a time

Some of the folks I've helped

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Edward Jamison

"He is really a gifted person"

Slide 1
Jon Lunsford

"I've found him to be invaluable"

Slide 1
Kelise Byrd

"Booked 4 new meetings after just one session"

Slide 1
Mick Twomey

"He completely changed how we approached everthing"

Slide 1
David Wolf

"Stefan helps keep me on the rails"

Slide 1
Roger Rohatgi

"I will continue to work with stefan for years"

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Jill Schultz

"I hired Stefan to coach 20 of my top leaders"

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Carey Stinson

"I'm a creative, but when it comes to business..."

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