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About YOU 
Forget about me, let’s talk about you.
Can you relate to any of these?

  • You are a legitimate expert in your field but not enough people know that. Your business is not growing at the pace you expected.
  • You post content on social, but have no idea what you are really doing and it's not growing your audience or your business.
  • You are overwhelmed with online marketing, and sales strategies and underwhelmed by the results you've made so far. 
  • You're tired of attending webinars promising an "proven effective" strategy and instead ends up being  an infomercial for their product.
  • You have spent hundreds if not thousands on courses or "blueprints" that promised to solve your marketing problems and scale your sales
  • You are feeling stress and anxiety about being self-employed instead of energized 

You finally realize you need one on one attention to you, your business and your specific situation from someone with actual, practical experience! 


I don't Have a course, blueprint or template for my clients because each of them are unique and so are the challenges facing their businesses.

I'll give you 20 minutes of my time. You talk, I listen. At the end I will tell you if, and how I can help you. If I can't I'll be the first to tell you, and if someone in my network can help you, I'll connect you!

I help my clients Grow their business by growing their audience



Credibility is the first pillar of getting more people to know, like and trust you and your business, and is the guiding principle behind the branding and content strategy I develop for my clients



Visibility is the second pillar to growth and conversions. Understanding how to define, target and nurture the right audience is critical to moving people through the know, like and trust timeline



Scalability is one of the biggest challenges with the biggest payoff. I help my clients figure out a plan that includes marketing automation, building a team of freelancers and hiring a virtual assistant. Growth doesn't have to be painful!

"Stefan's Blend of consulting expertise with his no bs style of coaching, not only gave me the strategies I needed but the accountability and push I needed to get out of my comfort zone and into my growth ZOne"
-Mick Twomey, CEO Hyperlift

working With Stefan

One On One Consulting and Coaching with Stefan

I offer a powerful combination of consulting expertise with coaching accountability and focus on action. Not only will I help you identify your sales and marketing priorities, I will work with you to create a Manageable Action Plan (MAP) and stick with you to make sure you cross the finish line.

Regardless if you are just starting and need to brainstorm branding, or you want to take your existing business to the next level with automation or outsourcing or you are simply stuck trying to figure out your next move, I can help!

In addition to consulting and coaching, I also offer my clients connection to my vast network. From web developers to copywriters to funnel builders, you can trust the people I recommend to over-deliver. No need to scour the web looking for vendors and freelancers. If I can trust them, you can too! 

Ever notice that it's almost impossible to find out how much most consultants or coaches charge unless you get on the phone for a sales call? I hate that! 

I charge $2500 a month for four weekly working sessions up to 90min each. You also get access to me via text and email in-between our scheduled sessions. 

I only work with a small group of clients at one time to ensure my clients get the attention they deserve.


Stefan is an experienced speaker who brings a ton of energy, authenticity and value to the audience whether in person or a virtual event. 

Current talks include:

"The Ultimate Growth Hack For Entrepreneurs, Creatives and Procrastinators"

"How I Discovered A Formula for Entrepreneurial Freedom And Growth That Also Reduced Stress and Anxiety"

"How A Playbook and A VA Changed My Life, And You Can Too!"

"The Four C's Of Audience Growth for Business"

If you are interested in learning more about booking Stefan contact for availability and information.

company / startup / agency

I offer retained and project-based services including sales, content and media consulting, speaking and training.

  • Podcast/Vlogcast Development (Strategy and Execution Partners)
  • Pitch Deck Review and Development
  • Television and Radio As A Marketing Tool (Biz TV and Biz TV Radio)
  • Webinar Selling (Strategy and Training)
  • Sales Communications Review (Ads, web, email)
  • Speaking and Training (Virtual and Live)

virtual assistant placement & projects

I know two things about almost all the execs and entrepreneurs that I work with and even those I don’t....

  • They are doing things everyday that they should NOT be doing.
  • They are not doing things that they SHOULD be doing.

The solution? Outsourcing those important daily and weekly tasks to an assistant, and replacing that time with higher level, strategic initiatives that yield the real payoffs.

The challenge is most people think finding and training a VA is overwhelming, and they don’t know where to start.

Through exclusive partnerships I offer both Done-For-You placement and training for full time virtual assistants and project based digital marketing. 


Edward Jamison

He is really a gifted person

Jon Lunsford

I've found him to be invaluable

Kelise byrd

Booked 4 new meetings after just one session

Mick Twomey

He completely changed how we approached everthing

David Wolf

Stefan helps keep me on the rails

Roger Rohatgi

I will continue to work with stefan for years

Jill Schultz

I hired Stefan to coach 20 of my top leaders

Carey Stinson

I'm a creative, but when it comes to business...


Hi, I’m Stefan

My goal is helping you, reach yours

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